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Carlos Barberena de la Rocha was born in the city of Granada (?), Nicaragua in 1972 (same year as the earthquake in Managua), within a family of refined artistic taste, the marriage made by: Myriam de la Rocha Silva ( 1938), scion of a family of artists (note Segundo de la...

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Carlos Barberena de la Rocha was born in the city of Granada (?), Nicaragua in 1972 (same year as the earthquake in Managua), within a family of refined artistic taste, the marriage made by: Myriam de la Rocha Silva ( 1938), scion of a family of artists (note Segundo de la Rocha, a great nineteenth-century portrait painter and Mr. Juan Eligio de la Rocha, who discovered and rescued from the indigenous oral tradition play Güegüense today These days the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.) Y Barberena Roberto Ruiz (1938 - 1972) who was a great lover of the arts and spent his free time writing poetry, painting watercolors and playing guitar, unfortunately died in an accident when Charles was barely six months old.

He spent his childhood and his artistic interest normally is enriched by seeing how his older brothers: Robert Barberena de la Rocha (1961) and Cesar Barberena (1962) both artists of great talent, venture into the uncertain fate of the arts, however this interest is truncated by dictatorships and civil war at that time, which is why in 1986 he traveled to Costa Rica to a forced exile, this country gives shelter and so can continue with their studies, but not until 1990 that really cares to discover that knowledge that will help you navigate the ocean of memories. Carlos began his training as an autodidact from time to time under the tutelage of his brother Robert Barberena de la Rocha.

At the end of 1990 participates in the National Contest of New Values "Fausto Pacheco" in Sophia Wanamaker Gallery of Costa Rican-American Cultural Center, this exhibition helps to take the first step in his career.

In 1992 participates in the International Arts Festival, held in San José de Costa Rica. visit Nicaragua in 1993, after seven years of exile. In 1994 he exhibited for the first time with his brothers in a group exhibition in Latin America: Colonnade Gallery, The George Washington University, Washington DCUs

In 1997 he returned to Nicaragua to present its first solo exhibition called "Images of Faith and Devotion" at La Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada city. This exhibition presents a series of images showing us the true mirror of our America, lost in images that often overlooked and become an everyday occurrence, but that is the here and now. So this is a portrait of the illusions in crisis, those who still scream our anguish in the marginalization and hunger, wrapped in images of faith to sell us hope in the streets and live with great devotion in cardboard boxes . (Since that year residence is divided between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.)

In the same year he participated in the First National Print Exhibition at the Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, Nicaragua and organizes group show 8 Artists 8 Proposals in Galari Praxis, Managua, Nicaragua.

In 1998 participates in the Second Biennial Alas de Papel; draft and Mail Art traveling (Mexico, Nicaragua and Canada) that was presented at the Cultural Library of Laval, Laval and Wilder & Davis Luthiers in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since 1998 a member of the Nicaraguan Union of Artists Leonel Vanegas.

In 1999 he participated in the III Biennial of Paper Wings, in the House of Culture Espiel, Espiel, Córdoba, Spain and the Museum palm of Rio, Cordoba, Spain. In April, presented together with his brother Robert de la Rocha Barberena exposure Of Love and Death in the Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua. At the end of this year at the Festival of Fashion and Art Goals in the Ruben Dario National Theater. Managua, Nicaragua.

In 2000 a strong impact because his second solo exhibition: "Years of Fear." This exhibition is raised to a reflection of our national reality bitter, but not limited geographically, Transcending borders without fear of saying what you have to say without calculation or interests of each other, without any military in any preconceived ideological standard.

Besides its great human texture, provides in essence a search for a new plastic and visual language of our modern, appropriating materials discarded by the consumption of the masses, (cardboard boxes, paper bags, doors and windows, metal plastics, etc.) the "Object Trouvé, "the use of collage and assemblages thus raising new unconventional media, enriching the three-dimensional paintings with a strong technical eclectic and neo-expressionist and avant-garde character, in a convulsion of emerging forms of silence and dynamism of forces stormily wave energies.

This exhibition was presented at La Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada and Praxis Gallery in Managua, Nicaragua, this traveling exhibition later moved to Central America (2001) to the National Gallery of Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture in San José, Costa Rica, unfortunately, this exhibition continues its journey due to lack of government assistance.

In 2001 participates in the Painting Competition of Excellence. "In Salute to the Victims of Mines and in support of the initiative of States Parties to the Ottawa Convention does not continue use, produce, store these artifacts Terrible Anti-Personnel" Sala Rodrigo Peñalba, National Palace of Culture, Managua , Nicaragua. Exhibition at the Third Biennial Paper Wings Wilder & Davis Luthiers, Qébec Montreal, Canada. At the end of this year outlined in the collective exhibition: Contemporary Art, Praxis Gallery, Managua, Nicaragua.

In 2002 he painted the mural "La Vida" (22 mts. X 4m.) In this Mural Carlos Barberena us the anxieties of the conquest, the ancient traditions, music chicheros, war and death, life and hope, love and oblivion. The use of strong colors in the mural is indicative of poetic intensity that imbues each of the stages or scenarios described in the mural "The Life." An impressive mural that transcends the banal strict or historical, to bless with momentum mural art par excellence. The mural is located at Hostal Oasis in the city of Granada, Nicaragua.

Learn techniques of etching (drypoint, etching and ink water) with the German artist Wolfgang Huneck at Casa de los Tres Mundos, exposed along the Collective Vagoni recorded at the Alliance Francaise, Managua, Nicaragua and im Atelier Baumhaus in Bonn, Germany, later involved in the Contemporary Art Workshop 3000 Experimental Laboratory taught by the Italian artist Umberto Postal, the result of the workshop is exhibited in the Casa de los Tres Mundos and Museum Convent of San Francisco in Granada, Nicaragua, in the same year presents the exhibition:

"September 11 (in memoriam)" at the Cultural Center Art Walk, in Granada, Nicaragua. In this exhibition we Barberena displays a series of silent characters, who show us the deep wounds without suturing and scarring memory folded, faces kidnapped by anxiety that reflects the intense pain I experienced and feared, failing to be passed to be present; beings bipolar shake our souls by the visual impact caused by endlessly repeated images of media worldwide, so stunned witness the spectacle of chaos, full of consternation and fear.

In November organizes and participates in the Dia de los Muertos exhibition at the Cultural Center Art Walk "in Granada, Nicaragua, along with the artists: Robert Barberena de la Rocha, Fernando Lopez, the theater director Peter Prego, the poet Emilio Zambrana and School of Theatre and Mime, directed by Diego Gene.

In late 2002 he was invited to participate in a major exhibition of contemporary art with Nicaraguan internationally renowned artists such as Omar D'Leon, Hugo Palma Ibarra, Armando Morales, Ernesto Cardenal, Alejandro Arostegui , Leoncio Saenz, Maria Gallo, Orlando Sovalbarro, Patricia Belli, Luis Morales Alonso, David Ocon, Luis Urbina, Aparicio Artola, Roger Perez de la Rocha and others. This show was performed in the Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío, Managua, Nicaragua.

In 2003 he took the Plaza de la Independencia de Granada along with artists Robert B. de la Rocha and Fernando López Gutiérrez and perform three facilities, Carlos Barberena Installer: "It's not the voice of the cannon roars, and stained with the blood of brothers ..." for peace and protesting against the Nicaraguan Government's position of supporting the war against Iraq.

In March participating in the Umbrella Project Intervened exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Dr. Urbano Poggi, Rafaela, Argentina and later in the Contemporary Art Space in Mendoza, Argentina. In April Vagoni Collective exhibition next to the Free Art Show IV Hernan Hidalgo at the Colegio Universitario de Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica.

The same year he was invited to participate in the V Biennial of the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic with the "Umbrella Project intervened" at the Museum of Dominican Man. Participates in the exhibition of Contemporary Art and Michoacan Nicaragua: Between Tropics. Sala "David Alfaro Siqueiros" Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Morelia, Mexico and the Third Biennial Paper Wings Gallery in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico.

In 2004 at the Third Biennial exposes Paper Wings at Triton College Art Gallery, Chicago, IL. USA in March set out in Umbrella Project operated at the Museu da Technology and Science. PUCRS (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Soul) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In August presents the three brothers (Robert Cesar and Carlos Barberena) for the first time in Nicaragua, in an exhibition entitled: "3 Artists 3 Proposals 3 Brothers" Made at the Museum of San Francisco Convent in Grenada, Nicaragua, with support Future of Nicaragua Foundation. She also participated with their brothers in the project: Cube of Light: Barberena. Installation on the facade of the Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua.

Individual exhibition at the hall Marco Aurelio Aguilar Mata of CUC, in Carthage Sample: "Emerging from the Silence" Here Carlos Barberena us a sign that leads to a relationship between the interior ¨ I ¨, with its ability to social perception of the environment framed by the figure of the human being with a wonderful view to understand the macrocosm ¨ ¨: the streets and the individual, individualism, and my connections with the physical environment, the final reading of its egocentric concept evokes a social being materialistic, individualistic and suffered.

In that year he was chosen to represent Nicaragua in the XIII Art Salon, Identity Imprint: A Glance at Ibero-American Printmaking. Mexican Cultural Institute. Washington, DCUs in November at the Festival of Visual Arts Fusion 04 and at the Third Biennial Paper Wings in the Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua.

In the month of December in the same cultural center presented together with musician Paul Leon Costa Rican project BARBERENA - LEON. IN TIMES OF WAR. + Visual Piano ... "In times of political unrest worldwide and friction between neighboring countries, this proposal aims to raise awareness about the importance and significance of human rights and respect for themselves." Since 2004 Member of the International Association of Artists. (IAA) UNESCO. Managua, Nicaragua.

In 2005 participates in the VI International Exhibition of Art Libre, Hernán Hidalgo, in the CUC. Cartago, Costa Rica. Imparts theoretical Workshop: Introduction to the Techniques of Engraving, in the House of Artist, San José, Costa Rica. In September it is selected in the IV National Painting Contest "Rodrigo Peñalba" in the Pinacoteca of the Central Bank of Nicaragua. Managua, Nicaragua. Participate in the Festival of Visual Arts Fusion 05. At Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, Nicaragua.

In 2006 participates in the International Arts Festival 2006 FIA held in San José, Latin American Capital of Culture 2006. Costa Rica, in April participated in the Printmaking Workshop Metal (Aquatint, Etching and soft ground) given by the Brazilian artist Leda Watson in the Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua and later participates in the VII International Exhibition of Art Libre, Hernán Hidalgo in CUC. Cartago, Costa Rica.

In the month of May presents: eco-grafika a solo exhibition of prints, digital art and drawings on handmade paper at the Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, Nicaragua, eco-grafika subsequently exposed in Art Gallery in San Medrano José, Costa Rica, in September participated in the exhibition to another Granada Walker Macondo House in Granada, Nicaragua.

In 2007 participates as a guest artist at the VIII International Exhibition of Art Libre Hernán Hidalgo, in the Sala Marco Aurelio Aguilar Mata at CUC Cartago, Costa Rica. In July he traveled to Mexico and presents a solo exhibition of contemporary art events in the Sala Antonio Salas Leon Cultural Center Old Jesuit College in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, during your stay in Patzcuaro lithographs on stone work in the Training Workshop and the same center Graphic Production cultural.

In September he takes part in the Third World Body Art Encounter in the Bolivarian Republic Venezuela, with a series deintervenciones photography in public spaces, including spaces are speaking: Teatro Municipal de Puerto Cabello, Carabobo, Centro Comercial Las Americas, Maracay, Aragua, Centro Cultural La Estancia, Caracas and the Museum Lia Bermudez, Maracaibo. Participate in the Performance Workshop taught by Mexican artist Pancho Lopez, Cultural Center La Estancia, Caracas, Venezuela.

In late 2007 and early 2008, and Robert Carlos Barberena Barberena de la Rocha. presented the project: BARBERENA - DE LA ROCHA. Contemporary Graphics, The Project itinerant teaching character was presented in three major cultural venues in Nicaragua: The Convent Museum San Francisco in Granada, in the Latin American Chamber of the Palace of Culture in Managua and at the Teatro Municipal José de la Cruz Mena in Leon, this is part of a joint effort that is being made with the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture to promote printing and dissemination of Nicaraguans.

In 2008 participates in the National Drawing Competition, "Pictures of Darius, at the Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío, Managua, Nicaragua, in June participating in BIMP V, The Fifth Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition, on display at the Federation Gallery and later in Dundrave Print Workshop at Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada, in June the same part in the 7th LESSEDRA World Art Print Annual Mini Print 2008, LESSEDRA Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.

His artworks have been published in calendars and Christmas cards to benefit Costa Rican children, also participated in art auction to benefit the Nicaraguan children, his graphic works were published in the calendar "Grafik aus Nicaragua." Kunst-und Baumhaus Kulturinitiative eV Bonn, Germany and the project: From Tin bouquiniste Malacatoyin. (Cartoons for Children) with the support of Austrian Development Cooperation, Pan y Arte, Casa de los Tres Mundos. Vienna, Austria. He has received several awards among which the Prize-advertisement "in favor of Ecology and Human Rights in the banana plantations of Costa Rica", given by the Gebana in Berlin Germany.

Carlos Barberena works are part of private and public collections, among which are: Museo Lia Bermudez, Venezuela. Training Workshop and Graphic Production. Patzcuaro, Mexico. National Gallery. Costa Rica. Colegio Universitario de Cartago, Costa Rica. Cultural Museum in the Caribbean, Venezuela. Praxis Gallery. Nicaragua. Since 2002 he has been engaged in graphic production.


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